Help for Inquiring About and Filing a Claim

How To Inquire About a Claim

How To File a Claim

How To Inquire About a Claim

About Cargo Claim Status

Use Claim Status Inquiry to check on the status of a claim you've submitted.

How To Use the Tool

Simply follow these instructions to check the status of your claim(s) online.

  1. Select a number type from the drop-down menu:
    • Canada Claim #
    • Customer Claim #
    • PRO #
    • Reddaway Claim #
  2. Enter 10 or fewer numbers of the type selected in Step 1, one number to a field.
  3. Click Go; the claim status for the number(s) you entered appears at the top of the page.

Reading the Status Page

The status page will list the information we have in our system about your claim, beginning with the PRO number. Check the information to ensure that it applies to your claim. If you erred entering your number, please re-enter it in the field at the bottom of the page.


How To File a Claim

Filing a Claim

Only the shipper, consignee or third party who has claim or title to the goods may file a claim.

You must file your claim with the origin or destination transportation provider or with the provider on whose line the loss or damage occurred if known.

Online claim filing is available to registered customers. Filing your claim through our online tool ensures that all required information is available to our representatives when you submit your claim. Online filing also allows you to upload supporting documents and provide additional information/comments to our claims personnel.

Additionally, when you are registered, several of the required fields will be filled in for you not only in our claim filing tool, but also in many other online tools.

If you cannot file your claim online, fax or mail it to:

Reddaway Cargo Claims
PO Box 7903
Overland Park, Ks. 66207
Fax: 866-840-5691 (toll free) or 913-905-8726

Note: If you fax your claim, please do not send a duplicate by U.S. Mail.


Time Limits

The bill of lading contract specifies that we must receive a claim within nine months after the delivery of property or, in the case of nondelivery, within nine months of the date the shipment was picked up.

Shipments originating in Canada are subject to these Canadian Bill of Lading Contract Terms and Conditions:


Documentation Requirements

You must provide:

The following documents by themselves are insufficient to file a claim:


Our Handling of Your Claim

After we have received your claim with the proper documentation, we will acknowledge its receipt and attempt to settle it within 30 days.

Investigating some claims may take longer. If your claim cannot be settled within 120 days, Reddaway will notify you immediately about what you need to do to conclude your claim. Reddaway will continue to keep you informed at 60-day intervals until your claim is settled.

Reddaway may refer your claim to other carriers if they were involved in the shipment's transport; we will notify you of this referral. It usually takes longer to investigate a connecting line claim than it does if Reddaway is the only carrier involved.

If a delay in settling your claim occurs, we ask your understanding. If you think the delay is excessive, feel free to call us at (913) 344-5174 at any time or write to us concerning the status of your claim:

Reddaway Cargo Claims
PO Box 7903
Overland Park, Ks. 66207

Please include the Reddaway claim number in all communications.

Check the status of your Reddaway Claim.


Help for Filing a Claim